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The Results Of The Sanctions Against Iran On The People Of Iranian Descent Living In The US

The US government, the EU, the UN, among other international bodies have been writing sanctions against Iran for many years now. Iran has been set apart as a security threats. Iran has been reported as being very supportive of terror groups. Iran is also reported to be having nuclear weapons. All efforts to dissuade Iran have been quite unsuccessful over the years. This is why Iran has found itself in this precarious situation. The truth, however, is that Iran has been suffering major losses due to these sanctions no matter how vehemently it denies this. So much that it has affected their economy and it is said that it might just be hanging by a thread. Inflation levels are really high, supply of goods to the countries is not constant and so on and so forth. The ripple effects of these sanctions have also been affecting the people of Iranian descent all over the world. The Iranian Americans are currently hit worst by the effects of these sanctions.

Getting jobs has become almost impossible for people of Iranian descent living in the US. No company wants to risk being slapped with a penalty as a result of hiring any of them So unemployment among the Iranian-Americans is one of the major effects of these sanctions.

Business owned by people f Iranian descent living in the US have come to a standstill because of these sanctions. The US government targeted the imports and exports sector which is big blow to people who has already established a market for their products. This has proven difficult too because people are afraid of doing business with them due to the sanctions. This is due to the lack of understanding as to what these sanctions really mean and what regulations have been put in place. There have been cases where people or Iranian descent have been denied their right to buy and sell in US soil just because of who they are.

It is sad to note that even those Iranian-Americans who sent support to their elderly parents in Iran are not able to do this anymore unless they are up to carrying money in suitcases. There are some banks which have tried to help but they get penalized and now cannot take the risk.

To add salt to injury, anyone who inherits some property from their relatives who pass away in Iran cannot get access to it or benefit from it. People are expected to cut ties with Iran so much so that you cannot even hire a lawyer to help you deal with your property back home in Iran. These are some of the unintended consequences on the people of Iranian descent living in the US.

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